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Harry Hosier UMC YouTube Profile Photo Harry Hosier UMC
This is the official Harry Hosier UMC Youtube page. We hope you enjoy celebrating the life and worship within our church.
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Rosy in Sydney Instagram: @rosylazy Email: [email protected].
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Antelope Valley High School
Lancaster, CA
Harry Hosier · 1960 - 1964

Obituary Records

Harry Wesley Hosier Jr. Photo
Harry Wesley Hosier Jr.
Birth: November 21, 1929 Death: November 7, 2002 (aged 72) Burial Location: Russiaville, IN
Harry Junior Hosier Photo
Harry Junior Hosier
Birth: February 2, 1926 Death: February 10, 1973 (aged 47) Burial Location: San Jose, CA
Harry Edgar Hosier Photo
Harry Edgar Hosier
Birth: April 19, 1914 Death: November 16, 1988 (aged 74) Burial Location: Pittsburg, KS
Harry Hendrix Hosier Photo
Harry Hendrix Hosier
Birth: June 15, 1894 Death: November 9, 1971 (aged 77) Burial Location: Lancaster, CA
Harry France Hosier Photo
Harry France Hosier
Birth: July 16, 1918 Death: August 28, 1995 (aged 77) Burial Location: Hebron, MD
Harry Charles Hosier Photo
Harry Charles Hosier
Birth: October 21, 1892 Death: April 1964 (aged 71) Burial Location: Fredericktown, MO
Harry P Hosier Photo
Harry P Hosier
Birth: May 22, 1907 Death: September 11, 1991 (aged 84) Burial Location: Pottawatomie County, Kansas
Harry Leon Hosier Photo
Harry Leon Hosier
Birth: August 19, 1925 Death: May 25, 2011 (aged 85) Burial Location: Santa Nella, CA
Harry Wesley Hosier Photo
Harry Wesley Hosier
Birth: November 22, 1900 Death: August 7, 1980 (aged 79) Burial Location: Galveston, IN
Harry A Hosier Photo
Harry A Hosier
Birth: 1875 Death: 1932 (aged 57) Burial Location: Nevinville, IA

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What is Harry Hosier Facebook?

Harry Hosier's Facebook profile is facebook.com/harry.hosier.

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Harry Hosier's Instagram profile is instagram.com/h0s1er.

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Harry Hosier's TikTok profile is tiktok.com/@harryhosier0.

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Harry Hosier's Twitter or X profile is twitter.com/HarryHosier.

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