Twitter Analytics is a Twitter analytics application that gives you rich insights about any public Twitter profile. We gather near real-time data about topics, mentions, hashtags, followers, location and more!

Just enter a Twitter username in the box below and hit the Analyze button!

It may take up to a couple of minutes to analyze a profile so please be patient.

Live examples

How It Works

We gather the requested user's profile and latest tweets. We analyze the tweet's contents and tell you about topics usage in form of "tag clouds" so that you can easily understand which words were the most popular.

We also show you things not shown on public Twitter pages, such as join date, timezone and followers ratio. With it's very easy and incredibly fast to make up your mind on whether to follow somebody or not!

The Metrics


The info section shows the publicly available information about a requested Twitter profile. We'll also show you the user's join date and timezone among other things.


These are the numbers. Followers, friends, lists and most importantly the followers to following ratio - something you should definitely watch out for before following anybody.


This section is divided into three sub-sections - topics, hashtags and mentions. Each one is based on the user's latest tweets. Hover your mouse over the items to see their usage.

Inside Tweets

New! We take you through the user's latest tweets and their contents in an easy to understand and short table. Tweets, retweets, tags, replies, mentions, links, media and more. A great way to spot spammers and automated accounts.


New! We scan for smiley faces through the latest user's tweets and count the happy ones versus the sad ones. Not at all times valuable, but can easily spot emotions.


New! This section will show you what time the user's most active at. Not only valuable info about the best time to reach the user but can also spot spammers and automated accounts.