Frances Swain

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Frances Swain
Cary, NC
Cary High School, 1995 - 1999
Frances Ann Swain
Lakewood, NJ
Lakewood High School, 1975 - 1979
Frances Swain
Old Saybrook, CT
Old Saybrook High School, 1973 - 1977
Frances Wagner Swain
Elmira, NY
Southside High School, 1965 - 1969
Frances Mcrevh Swain
Natchez, MS
Natchez-Adams County High School, 1960 - 1964
Frances Everett Swain
Roper, NC
Roper High School, 1955 - 1959
Frances Woolard Swain
Washington, NC
Washington High School, 1946 - 1950

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