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Bill Haley YouTube Profile Photo Bill Haley
William John Clifton Haley was an American rock and roll musician. He is credited by many with first popularizing this form of ...
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Clifton Hale  Quora Profile Photo Clifton Hale
Bechelor in commerce from Lahore University of Management Sciences (2017)


Archbishop Rummel High School
Metairie, LA
Clifton Hale · 1986 - 1990
Hardaway High School
Columbus, GA
Clifton Hale · 1982 - 1986
Olathe High School
Olathe, KS
Clifton Hale · 1968 - 1972
North Side High School
Ft. Worth, TX
Clifton Hale · 1947 - 1951

Obituary Records

Clifton Hale Photo
Clifton Hale
Birth: July 14, 1936 Death: August 31, 1996 (aged 60) Burial Location: Paducah, KY
Clifton Hale Photo
Clifton Hale
Birth: October 2, 1919 Death: April 5, 2017 (aged 97) Burial Location: Lampasas County, Texas
Clifton Andrew Hale Photo
Clifton Andrew Hale
Birth: July 12, 1916 Death: May 28, 2005 (aged 88) Burial Location: Spencer, TN
Clifton E. Hale Photo
Clifton E. Hale
Birth: December 8, 1942 Death: January 2, 2019 (aged 76) Burial Location: Sylvania, AL
Clifton Jerrel “Jerry” Hale III Photo
Clifton Jerrel “Jerry” Hale III
Birth: 1952 Death: 1976 (aged 24) Burial Location: Fort Worth, TX
Clifton Jerrel Hale Jr. Photo
Clifton Jerrel Hale Jr.
Birth: January 15, 1933 Death: October 26, 2012 (aged 79) Burial Location: Fort Worth, TX
Clifton Everett Hale Photo
Clifton Everett Hale
Birth: 1903 Death: 1980 (aged 77) Burial Location: Preston Hollow, NY
Clifton M. Hale Photo
Clifton M. Hale
Birth: May 7, 1922 Death: December 19, 2007 (aged 85) Burial Location: Wasco, CA
Clifton Wayne Hale Photo
Clifton Wayne Hale
Birth: 1948 Death: 1988 (aged 40) Burial Location: Charlestown, PA
Clifton Lamar Hale Photo
Clifton Lamar Hale
Birth: February 16, 1928 Death: May 30, 1981 (aged 53) Burial Location: Livingston, TX

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